A leader in linguistic technology and data curation.

App development

Polytext has its roots in app development within the language technology space. Starting with TypeCraft, Polytext has over the last 4 years developed multiple web- and native applications.

We focus on taking modern language technology research and packaging into applications which benefit society.

Data curation

A big portion of our time is spent curating large amounts of data. We're specialists at collecting, sorting and curating language data from disparate sources, resulting in curated language data we and others can use for their language applications.

Do you need help with language data curation? We can likely help you.

Our team

Our team is comprised of five individuals

Tormod Haugland
Managing director
Prof. Dorothee Beermann
Chief Research Officer
Pavel Mihaylov
Chief Technical Officer
Prof. Lars Hellan
Language wizard
Anna Struck
Language wizard