The multilingual Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) Bank.

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What is TypeCraft?

TypeCraft is an ecology of services and tools, all related to the work with language data.The core of the service is a database of texts and tools that allow you to annotate texts manually. TypeCraft is specialised for the work with collections of primary data meant to be analysed for their grammatical properties.

We store the data for you so that you can access it at any time. You can also develop the data together with a team, discuss your work with others or export your data to services that facilitate the Open Access to Research Data.

TypeCraft is the ideal tool to work when you work with endangered or less-resourced languages.

What does it do?

With TypeCraft you can:

  • Import already existing language projects using the TypeCraft importer.
  • Create new text collections in any script using the TypeCraft editor.
  • Annotate your data using annotation sets for morpheme and word level data using TypeCraft tag sets.
  • Publish and discuss your data with others using the TypeCraft wiki.
  • Annotate texts for phrasal and discourse properties (Beta).

How to start?

The first thing you need to do is to navigate to the TypeCraft homepage. Once you are there you create an account. When logged in you want to set up your workspace. The first step is to go to the navigation bar on the left of your screen and open the editor in its own window, or tab.

The TypeCraft Tool menu will help you through the first steps. On the navigation bar you find Help pages that will further guide you through the process of loading and annotating your own texts.